For Small Businesses

As a small business owner or nonprofit manager, your time is precious. Here is a quick list of services and price ranges. Please contact me if you want to talk further!

Webmaster and Social Media Manager

As your webmaster or social media manager, I can maintain and update your website and social media, whether you need a quick fix or ongoing maintenance. On websites, I work mostly with WordPress and CSS (cascading style sheets), and I have experience with the popular social media platforms.  Let’s talk about what you need. Starts at $75/hour.

Fine-tune your existing logo

Does your existing logo lose its mojo when it’s bigger than a postage stamp? I could re-create your logo and save it in a file format so it always looks professional and crisp. We could standardize your brand colors and use a modern font. Starts at $350.

Create a new logo

I can help add a professional touch to your business by creating a new, unique and memorable logo. Logotypes (typesetting your firm’s name in a nice font) are around $500. Logos with original illustrated icons and custom typography are around $1200.

Upgrade your web site 

You’re ready for a more modern look. WordPress has beautiful, modern templates that I can customize for you. Let’s get your site dressed for success. $2500 and up, depending on the size, complexity, and customization you request.

Strengthen your social media

Does your Facebook page visually match your web site? I could help you with that by creating banners for all your social media pages that coordinate with your brand. Once your brand is standardized, we can talk about social media campaigns. When your social media is consistent in style and message, you can make a memorable impact over time. Price determined by project.

Elevate your emails

I can create a stylish email template for you, and set you up in Vertical Response or your preferred email marketing web site. Price determined by project. 

Create a tangible, printed piece

Even in our digital world, there’s still a value in printed materials. I can help reinforce your brand and message with professionally designed printed marketing literature, including ads, brochures, posters, invitations, postcards, signs, annual reports, bookmarks, packaging, menus, and proposals. And don’t forget stationery, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and note cards. Prices determined by project. A one-page layout starts at $500; complicated and lengthy layouts cost more. Price break for multiple pieces ordered.

Add bells and whistles

I can add advanced features to your web site — photo gallery, online shopping, content databases, paid subscribers, social media integration. And I can edit or write new content for the front-end. Price determined by project.