Information For New Clients

Welcome! Read the information below to increase your understanding of the project process. Please contact me with further questions and to get started on your project.

Phase 1: Project Scope and Price Estimate

  • We’ll email or talk on the phone about your business needs.
  • I’ll give you a rough price estimate. If this sounds good, then I’ll create an official project agreement that lists the scope of work, project milestones and timeline, and fees. Click here to see my estimated rates for small businesses. Prices vary based on your project’s size, complexity, and customization.
  • My project agreement is based on guidelines set by the Graphic Artists Guild.
  • When we both agree on the project scope and fees, we’ll both sign the contract and we’ll get started on Phase 2 …

Phase 2: Initial Design Ideas

  • I will create rough initial drafts for you.
    • For logos, graphics, and print design, you’ll likely see sketches or digital mockups.
    • For web sites, I’ll typically show you how I would customize a WordPress theme for your project.
  • We will meet by phone/email or in person to discuss the initial drafts.
  • This phase is when we refine the design — change fonts, colors, placement, wording, etc. Your base price typically includes two or three rounds of refinement. Further modifications are typically billed by the hour.
  • Your drafts will be shared with you in a private online folder.

Phase 3: Production

  • For web sites, we’ll collaborate on refining and testing the look, layout, and functionality of your site.
  • For logos, graphics, and print design, I’ll refine the graphics and layout.

Phase 4: Launch

  • For web sites, you’ll get to review the site and make changes before it goes live.
  • For other projects, you’ll get final sign-off before I send it to press or create the final files for you.