The following are direct quotes from my clients, colleagues, bosses, and competition judges.

“Everyone who has seen the web site thinks it looks awesome. … We know we have the best web site out there, and the best web designer in the industry.” — Clients

“I’ve quite enjoyed working with you. You’re really creative and have kept me on task (with our deadline-sensitive project)!” — Client

“Thanks so much for your hard work and effort to get our event brochure looking so great. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out. Registration for the event as of today is more than double what it was at this time last year — I’d like to believe it’s because everyone loves the marketing pieces and can’t wait to see what we have in store for them! … I think it’s a piece to be proud of!” — Client

“We are SO very impressed with your design skills, both in terms of creativity and execution, not to mention your high-level of professionalism. Thank you! It’s a pleasure working together.” — Clients

“I want to thank you for the terrific job you’ve done in revamping our website. It’s everything we hoped it would be, and more. The design is fantastic and I believe it will serve our needs for years to come.” — Client

“You have earned my respect as a talented and professional designer, marketing professional, colleague and friend.” — Colleague

“Thanks again for your excellent work, positive attitude and willingness to help on short notice.” — Boss

“It is reassuring to know we all have access to great … expertise with such a ‘can-do’ attitude.”—  Client

“I love looking at your portfolio — very inspirational.” — Colleague

“[Our client] was very, very excited to finally have her problem solved and she was full of praise for your patience and customer service! Thanks for going above and beyond. You sure make us look good!” — Boss

“The site is fantastic … You are truly one of the most talented and focused people I’ve ever worked with.” — Colleague

We scored a marketing touchdown out of the gates with the website this week with [a prospective collaborator]. I find it interesting that the person I spoke with on Monday went to the website and used many of the words from the website to inform his superiors. … Thanks again for a great job.” — Client

“Thanks so much for making our web site a big success. The industry team is very pleased with the results! The web site development process was very professional, efficient, and fun.” — Client

“Great work plan, with clear objectives and relevant measurable results that address the stated objectives. Appeals to target audience excellently. Great use of photos, music, graphics and Flash. Simple, direct … no wonder you’re meeting your goal!” — Judge’s comments

“Amy’s work has only become more impressive with time. Extremely high quality work. With an exceptionally busy workload, Amy has completed tasks with high standards and great attitude. Very forward-thinking and her decisions are well-thought out. Excellent project management skills. Amy cares for her clients and puts the interest of the client and the organization first.” — Boss

“Your reputation as Wonder Woman and Web Goddess is under-rated. Your talents continue to unfold.” — President of IABC/Brazos Valley

Amy applies her creativity in all aspects of the job, creating wonderful new web sites and enthusiastically taking full responsibility for ongoing projects.” — Supervisor

“Thanks very much for your fantastic support of our department. We recognize the importance of the image … which the web site provides.” — Client

“I just want you to know how attractive and user friendly your web site is. I’ve been searching many engineering web sites in major universities throughout the country, and yours stands out as one of the very best. It’s quick and easy to navigate, the information is useful, and it’s visually and intellectually stimulating. Good work! I wish they were all so easy to use.” — Web site visitor

“A colleague just brought to my attention one of the best marketing pieces I’ve seen yet that came out of this campus. Your handout is so well designed — it is obvious a lot of thought and word-smithing went into it. Love how it has so much information – and yet, is packaged so well that it isn’t daunting to pick up and skim through. It actually has me thinking about heading back to school.” — Colleague

“The new web site is fantastic! It gives so much more “vibrancy” to the information. The boss of one of my friends from college, in Arkansas, has a national merit scholar daughter who’s torn between studying engineering at A&M or Illinois. I just sent her the new URL and I think the great new graphics will definitely persuade her to come [to this college].” — Colleague